(18) Hope Herriot : Life after loosing 160 lbs

Have you ever felt proud of yourself for eating a whole pizza? And at the same time been disgusted with yourself because you just ate a WHOLE  pizza? When...

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(17) Chris & Son Nguyen: Quest for Freedom

Have you ever wondered what happened in Vietnam after the Communist Government took over? For Son Nguyen, his families life changed drastically. Because of his father’s service fighting with the...

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(16) Liesl Limburg : How to get your Bachelors in 3,165 days

If you’re in school right now wondering how you are going to pay tuition, pull the grades, and find the perfect internship, then this episode is for you. It...

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(15) Nate and Natalie Sato: No longer “Just Friends”

Nate and Natalie Sato first met ten years ago at Lake Powell. They instantly friend zoned each other because he was too short and she was too high maintenance....

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(14) Dele Opeifa : Beatboxing & BHAG-Big Hairy Audacious Goal

Dele makes up the percussions with his beatboxing skills for the Acapella group ReVoiced. The group consists of five guys who left their day jobs to pursue their passion in music....

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(13) Real Talk: Miranda Interviewing Steph about Mr. Sweettalker

This is an interview that I have been hesitant to post because it’s my story. My dear friend Miranda is interviewing me about my experience of getting financially involved...

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