(21) Jon Klemin: To Swipe or not to Swipe

The great question that confronts most singles nationwide is to Swipe, or not to Swipe. Dating has changed dramatically in the past five years and now instead of getting dressed up to find a date at a social event, all you have to is pull out your phone and swipe left or right. If you are a single pringle in the LDS community than this episode is for you. When Jon was introduced to dating apps almost a half decade ago he instantly had the idea to make an app for the LDS population of singles. At first, this started out as a fun daydream, but after four years he now has his own dating app called Saint Swipe. In this episode, Jon explains more about the unique features that Saint Swipe has to offer. It’s the first dating app that I’ve seen that you can record a 10-second intro video and leave voice messages. I think the voice message feature is awesome because sometimes texting gets lost in translation and you aren’t able to tell if a person is joking. With a Voice Message, you can get to know someone’s sense of humor a little better.

The word “date” can sometimes be a four-letter word for singles. Maybe it’s representing the lack of dates, the really bad dates, the pressure to get a date for a function, or maybe you just want everyone around you to stop asking about your dates. Regardless dating can be a touchy subject. In this episode, Jon and I talk a lot about this four letter word. Everything from how to get more dates to should you send an after date text. To be honest I feel super vulnerable posting this episode because of all the dating talk. I’m first to admit that I definitely don’t have dating figured out. I seem to always stay in the Land of Limbo and never reach Commitment City. Ok, that was a cheesy analogy but you get the point. The one thing I do know is that dating apps increase opportunities to do just that date. If you’re single make sure to check out Saint Swipe its free and available for Apple and Android. You never know you might just be posting a picture in a few months with the hashtag #wemetonsaintswipe.