(18) Hope Herriot : Life after loosing 160 lbs

Have you ever felt proud of yourself for eating a whole pizza? And at the same time been disgusted with yourself because you just ate a WHOLE  pizza?

When Hope Harriot started her weight loss journey she felt like she was losing her best friend, food. Even though she was loosing a friend she knew she had to make changes to save her life. To change her mindset she created a bucket list of things at her current weight she wasn’t able to do. On the list was to go on a roller coaster, cross the monkey bars, and even cross her legs. Hope is now 160lbs lighter and has been able to check off most of the things on her bucket list.  It doesn’t  matter if you want to lose 20lbs or 200lbs finding the self-control, desire, and even patience can seem impossible.  If you have the desire to change your life and become healthier then this episode is for you. 


Below are pictures of Hope on the Roller Coaster and crossing the Monkey Bars. Make sure to push play and listen to Hope to talk more about why riding a roller coaster was such a big accomplishment.

In the Podcast Hope talks about how she wrote a speech about Anti-Bullying in High School.

Sorry its poor quality!!! Im soo excited:)

Posted by Hope Cottrell on Tuesday, May 22, 2012

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