(11) Greg Bellessa: Mt. Rainier & Pop-Tarts Don’t Mix

Greg’s two best friends Ryan and Josh are always inviting him on crazy adventures. Greg never dreamed of doing a lot of the things that his buddies would do. In fact, their crazy expeditions often felt impossible. About a year ago Ryan and Josh invited Greg to hike Mt. Rainier. Much to their surprise, Greg signed up. He spent a year training and this episode is all about his experience in hiking a glacier.

Top 3 Highlights of the Gregs Trip

1. The Views- Seeing the amazing glacier first hand and being above the clouds.  

2. The relationships with the guides and other people climbing.  The deep conversations at night and how everyone cheered each other on.

3. Doing Something I have never done before.

“Go as far as you can,  and get up there and do it.” -Greg Bellessa

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