(01) Steph Shoell & Miranda Call: Welcome to Notable Peeps!

Why Hello! Thanks so much for coming and listening to Pod Talk. Figuring out what I should discuss in the first episode was tricky. It can be comparable to writing a dating profile in that you don’t want to sound too braggy, but you want to make a good impression.  I spent hours working on...

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(02) Tim Hurst: Running 58 Marathons on 1 Leg

No Excuses! 26.2 miles might represent miles driven for a work day commute or weekend getaway. To those in the running community, those three numbers represent the achievement of running a full marathon.  My guest on the show today has done 58 marathons. That’s over 1,520 miles just in just marathons. That doesn’t count all the...

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(03) Meghan Johnson: Focus on what you can do

In her youth, she struggled with childhood obesity.  Meghan was put on a nutrition plan and lost over 80 pounds. As a 12-year-old this weight loss drastically changed her life. “I was able to run and dance with my friends.” When Meghan was in her 20’s, she was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. This discovery made her...

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(04) Dusty Hulet: Life through a Lens

Dusty is an Entrepreneur, filmmaker, and epic party planner. Most people run from bears but not dusty. Instead, he goes inside their caves for a close-up. Check out his video below to see the cutest bear cubs. I heard about Dusty’s hit parties before I actually met him. From a 15 piece orchestra in his...

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(05) Holly Richardson: Not just a mom

Holly is a mother of  24 children, served in the Utah House of Representatives, and writes for the Salt Lake Tribune.  In this interview, Holly talks about how being a mom helped her discover her voice and get passionate about making a difference. Holly is a huge fan of serving and recently just returned from...

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(06) Stephen Merrill: Life Unexpected

Imagine you are in college and its finals week. To relieve the stress, your friends decided to go to the local trampoline park.  Little do you know that when you walk in the door to the facility, you will have an accident that will change your life forever. That is what happened to  Stephen Merrill.  The...

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