(22) Clint Pulver: A Single Moment

The definition of an anomaly is something that deviates from what is standard, normal or expected. Clint Pulver has fully embraced a life of being an anomaly. He is an example fo not just dreaming about goals but putting them into action. His determination to not just exist but to live is shown in his creating the Greenman Group at Utah Valley University, quitting his job to pursue his passion for speaking or accomplish a bucket list goal of being in a movie. In this episode, Clint talks about the impact teachers can have on their students. What he noticed first about his wife Kelly, and how one moment can change our lives.


KSL – America’s Got Talent

Clint was a part of the Bald Man Bongos that performed on NBC’s America’s Got Talent.  Full Video Here.

Life In 22 Minutes Podcast

All about living a life by design and the importance to dream while you are awake. Full Episode Here.

Live On Purpose Radio

Dr. Paul talks with Clint about the diverse characteristics that make each one of us unique. Full Episode Here.

Latter-Day Lives Podcast

Clint talks about the Power of Bucket Lists and being a Member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Saints. Full Episode Here.

Focus On The Good Podcast

Clint shares a little more about his experience becoming the anomaly.  Full Episode Here.

Clint’s Films

Saturday’s Warrior 

The Christmas Project 

Unexpected Race 


More Infomation  at www.clintpulver.com