(20) Katie Gleed: Crushing On History

Katie Gleed teaches her 7th and 8th graders about her crush on Layfette (Marquis de) and how cool Freddie D (Fredrick Douglas) is as they read his narrative. With history, she is able to teach her students about self-esteem, leadership, and how they can own their mistakes. Katie’s passion for education is what motivated her to be a part of the building blocks in Africa Charity. As this episode airs she is currently in Ghana taking supplies to help build a school.   If you love history and education then listen up because you will love the stories Katie has to share about her students.


Links from Episode

Marquis de Lafayette (Katie’s Crush)

Fredrick Douglas


Building Blocks in Africa

The Tao of Pooh


(12) Natalie Thorsen: Dress Like An Oxford Student

I heard Natalie Thorson speak a couple years ago at an event, Her story is one that has stuck in my mind all these years. As a kid, she had a learning disability and her parents were told by her school that she would never make it to high school graduation.  Even as a child she just had a desire to one day be smart. Before she attended Junior high she spent her babysitting money to buy a business suit.  She decided that she was going to dress the part of an Oxford student and look smart. Soon she found that students and teachers started to treat her as the smart kid.  Fast forward and now Natalie is a Lawyer and she even did a semester at Oxford. Her story is a prime example of the Self- Fulfilling Prophecy.  If you have ever felt that you weren’t smart enough then this episode is for you.

“I just wanted to be known as a smart person and  someone intelligent. I saw those kids in my class and the respect had even as a little sixth grader. I  remember watching T.V. Shows and looking at Nerds.  Alex P Keaton from family ties. He was styling. And I thought people respect him. So I remember in 8th grade I bought my first business suit with babysitting money…. When I started Dressing as an Uber Nerd I started being treated as if I was inteligent. “


If you want to update your style contact Natalie by email at thorsenstyling@gmail.com

If you are an Attorney that has a question about making the next move. Check out her website. 

(07) Jill Young: Pumped About Produce

My Friend Jill

I love stories especially friendship stories. Here is how I met Jill. In High School she sat by me in Mr. Bairds math class. I was in a phase of life that I didn’t have very many friends. My group from Junior High all went different directions and I found myself praying for friends .Jill was an answer to my prayers. Jill is one of my biggest cheerleaders and I am so grateful that almost sixteen years later we are still the best of friends.

Getting Pumped about Produce

Jill’s impossible is a little different then the rest of the people I have interviewed. She has a desire to help people get pumped about produce and uncomplicated heath. In Jill’s own words she shares why she is so passionate about health.

I recognized that, for a time, I became disconnected from the needs of my body. I found that I was relying only on health trends/fads based on the latest, ever-changing science. I was hyper-focused on numbers, ratios, and measurements trying to find health in ways that will not and can not be maintained in the long run. All of that changed when I remembered the joy and creative process that it is to take care of the needs of my body.

As people in my life tease me for eating my big green salads or green smoothies (I don’t mind being teased), I hope they know the reason is not an obsession with shrinking my waistline; though it is a welcomed side effect. The reason is for a healthy relationship with my body. It makes all the difference when I shift the focus!

Check out Jill’s Instagram for snapshots of produce at the.fresh.feed 

Acai Bowls. If you haven't discovered them yet, you are missing out! Acai packets are in the frozen section of the grocery store. There are recipes on the back of the packaging for ideas. I will admit that Pitaya Bowls are my favorite and I added one to this particular acai bowl. This recipe: 3 frozen bananas, 2 acai packets, 1 pitaya/dragon fruit packet, 1/2 cup coconut milk. Topped with granola, kiwi, blackberries and some pretty blooms from the yard. Enjoy! If you have any Acai recipe ideas, let me know! . . . . #acai #acaibowl #acaibowls #pitaya #dragonfruit #smoothiebowl #kiwi #granola #coconut #blackberries #healthyeating #healthyfood #fruitarian #fruitsmoothie #plantpower #plantbased #plantbaseddiet #plantbasedfood #healthiswellth #healthinsurance #healthinspiration #jillandjaym

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Protein Fad

The Washington Post dives into talking about the Protein fad. One thing I found fascinating is that if you eat more Protein than you need it gets stored as fat. So how much Protein do you need? Check out this article for the answer.

Jill’s Tinder Picture

NBC talked about how manufacturers are trying to get more protein on their labels. This  Story about if Protein is sensible or a fad.

Blue Zones

You know something’s legit when National Geographic does a story on it.

NPR did a great article about each blue zone and the foods that are most prevalent in their diets.

Click the video below to hear from the man who discovered blue zones Dan Buettner.

Links talked about in this episode:

Physicians Committee For Responsible Medicine

Forks Over Knives

Danish Twin Study



(05) Holly Richardson: Not just a mom

  • Holly is a mother of  24 children, served in the Utah House of Representatives, and writes for the Salt Lake Tribune.  In this interview, Holly talks about how being a mom helped her discover her voice and get passionate about making a difference.

Holly is a huge fan of serving and recently just returned from a humanitarian trip to Greece. She is such a talented writer and she shared her experience in the Salt Lake Tribune.

Camp life, living in Isoboxes

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When Holly was on the Hill he had a lot of people telling her she needed to go back home with her children. This article from the Deseret News goes a  little more into her experience in politics.

Utah County Republican convention

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