(17) Chris & Son Nguyen: Quest for Freedom

Have you ever wondered what happened in Vietnam after the Communist Government took over? For Son Nguyen, his families life changed drastically. Because of his father’s service fighting with the United States against the Communist, his family was punished. They were made to relocate from the city to economic zones in the jungle. His family didn’t know how to farm, but they soon learned how to live off the land. Son and his wife Chris wrote a book about his experience. In the quote below he talks about when he first started to think about life in America.

“When I was about nine years old I began to think about living life on my own, independent of my family. I heard so many exciting things about America. It is the dream, even to this day, that everyone in Vietnam holds in their hearts…It was difficult for a small child to understand what moving to another country meant, but I knew there had to be something better than what I was living. “

A few years later son attempted his first escape. He was captured and spent his summer vacation in prison at 11 years old. Talk about impossible. It took Son four times to escape from Vietnam.  Even though  Son has lived in the United States for Several decades, he speaks about in his book about not feeling like he belongs.

“Part of my family is in Vietnam, so part of me is still in Vietnam. I would love to share my life of freedom with them. I think about them constantly. I wish they could live a life of liberty and dignity, as I enjoy.  I would introduce them to the majestic mountain ranges, the beauty of our snow in winter, the greenness of a golf course, the pristine powder of a ski run, the endless perfect roads we enjoy driving across our country, the quietness of our neighborhood. I am torn between two worlds, which is confusing. I do not totally belong here and I certainly do not belong there. “

If you want to hear more about Son’s story you can buy the book Quest for Freedom at Amazon, Lulu or  To check out what other people are saying about the book head on over to  To contact the Nguyen’s check got to their Facebook page. Son and Chris have donated two books to be given away,  Find out how you can win by heading over to @consistentrunnergirl on Instagram. You can find more information about this episode at Notable