(01) Steph Shoell & Miranda Call: Welcome to Notable Peeps!

Why Hello!
Thanks so much for coming and listening to Pod Talk. Figuring out what I should discuss in the first episode was tricky. It can be comparable to writing a dating profile in that you don’t want to sound too braggy, but you want to make a good impression.  I spent hours working on my first episode, and then I played it for my friend Miranda(Rocking the hat in the pic below ), and she made the comment that I just didn’t sound like myself.  So I gave her a mic and told her she was going to record the first episode with me. I am not a professional podcaster, and you will hear me stumble over my words.  But this podcast isn’t about perfection but about putting on your shoes, doing your best, and believing in the impossible.

I met Miranda in Alaska last summer during my 30 Life Crisis. She is such a dear friend and has been a huge contributor to this podcast.  From editing audio to being a sounding board, to helping record two episodes,  I couldn’t have done this without Miranda and her cheerleading. Check out Episode 7 as I talk with her about my experience with Mr. Sweetalker and things I wish I would have known before leasing a car.


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