(08) Jason Lyle Black: Planning Backwards

Jason Lyle Black has played on Ellen, his music has been published by Disney and to top it off he plays the piano backward. His success took many years of hard work. In this episode, Jason talks about how having mentors and planning backward helped his career and to achieve his impossible goals.


If you are in the Salt Lake area make sure to check out Jason’s play live at the Sandy Amphitheater on JULY 8, 2017.  Lawn seats start at only $10.00 click here to buy tickets.


If you love piano music and want music that will help you unwind then make sure to play Jason’s Pandora Station. You can also buy his music on iTunes.

One of my favorite things about Jason’s stories is that it took time. It was years and years of hard work. This article that he wrote on Linkedin talks about his journey in the music industry.



Jason’s first viral video on Youtube was Frozen Fever. He teamed up with the Piano Gal for this fun skit.

Real Life Up

Jason’s Grandparents are seriously adorable. This was filmed around their 63rd  wedding Anniversary. The coolest thing about this video is that his grandparents actually play the piano in real life. 

Other Links

12 Days of Christmas Video

Sheet Music


(04) Dusty Hulet: Life through a Lens

Dusty is an Entrepreneur, filmmaker, and epic party planner. Most people run from bears but not dusty. Instead, he goes inside their caves for a close-up. Check out his video below to see the cutest bear cubs.

I heard about Dusty’s hit parties before I actually met him. From a 15 piece orchestra in his living room, comedy show,  and cheesecake testing. Dusty shows he’s not just creative in the film but also entertaining.

Dusty has some rad videos so make sure to check out his dustyhuletcreative.com

P.S. He also has hands down the most creative  Instagram stories.

And if you haven’t learned enough about Dusty from this Podcast here is a blog post from Beyond Happy.