(25) Alan & Milicent Matheson: 57 years of Marriage

Alan & Milicent Matheson have been married for almost six decades. Introduced to each other by Alan’s mother during their time as students at the University of Utah. Career opportunities later took them both to New York City and their courtship continued with fun dates exploring the city.  During this time Alan was an Associate in Law at Columbia Law School and Milicent taught first grade at a school just outside of the city. The Matheson’s have found remarkable success in their academic achievements but Milicent shared many times how their family is their greatest treasure. Push play to hear more about their adventures with each new opportunity, and how they have kept their love alive for 57 years. 

I nominated Alan & Milicent as Notable Peeps because they are generous with their time and resources. They have raised threee kind and remarkable sons. They both were teachers and recieved awards and high praises for the work they have done. 

– Laura Matheson

“Our Family is really is the most important thing".

-Milicent Matheson

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(23) Dr. Rachel Smith: Dust Yourself Off And Try Again

Across the nation about 30 percent of Dentists are Women. In Utah, it is much lower and only 3 percent of  Dentists.are Women. In this interview, Dr. Rachel Smith talks about her journey of becoming a dentist, how she handles life’s disappointments, and her advice for reaching impossible goals. Thank you to Alison Spencer for Nominating Rachel as a Notable Peep. Below is what Alison had to say about her dear friend Rachel.

“I nominated Rachel for this podcast because she not only achieves impossible goals, but she keeps on dreaming. Each time she checks a goal off her list, she adds another one. She reminds me that no goal is impossible, and it’s never too late to add a new goal to your list.”

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(20) Katie Gleed: Crushing On History

Katie Gleed teaches her 7th and 8th graders about her crush on Layfette (Marquis de) and how cool Freddie D (Fredrick Douglas) is as they read his narrative. With history, she is able to teach her students about self-esteem, leadership, and how they can own their mistakes. Katie’s passion for education is what motivated her to be a part of the building blocks in Africa Charity. As this episode airs she is currently in Ghana taking supplies to help build a school.   If you love history and education then listen up because you will love the stories Katie has to share about her students.


Links from Episode

Marquis de Lafayette (Katie’s Crush)

Fredrick Douglas


Building Blocks in Africa

The Tao of Pooh


(16) Liesl Limburg : How to get your Bachelors in 3,165 days

If you’re in school right now wondering how you are going to pay tuition, pull the grades, and find the perfect internship, then this episode is for you. It took Liesl Limburg 8 years to get her bachelors. At first, she tried to work full time and take a full course load to speed up her graduation date. She soon realized that there is nothing wrong with a slower pace. The New York Times talked about the “4-year myth” and a new report that just came out examining how long it actually takes most students to graduate.

“At most public universities, only 19 percent of full-time students earn a bachelor’s degree in four years, the report found.”

One of the coolest things about Liesl’s story is that she just tried. Even if an internship required a much higher GPA, she would still apply. Even if she didn’t ‘t think she would get a grant she would still submit the application. Because of her willingness to try, she was able to have some amazing experiences from working on Capitol Hill in Washington D.C. to experiencing a study abroad in France. Make sure to push play to hear the full episode. Congrats Liesl on the recent graduation and best of luck to you girl in Grad School!

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