(24) Rachel Hendrickson: Making “Option B'” Look Great!

Rachel and I this summer were on a paddleboat and I asked the question to the group about their greatest accompishment. Rachel replied that her masters was her greatest accomplishement and then later she made the following statement. 

My proudest accomplishment is that I’m almost forty and I’m not bitter that I’m not married. 

Her comment really impressed me and I wanted to learn more about her positivity. A little background story when Rachel was in College at Brigham Young University she made a life plan. She wanted to graduate from BYU in April of 2000 and then get married in August of 2000. She planed to have a baby 18 months after her marriage and then to have a total of six kids. Plan A didn’t go according to plan but Rachel talks about how we need to embarace and make Option B look good. In this episode Rachel talks about being present and in the moment. You never know where life wll take you in six months and how she has created a life that she loves. 

If I'm marred or not married this is...the option of the moment so how can I make it stellar!

Rachel Hendrickson

Recording Episode #24 of the Notable Peeps
The Paddleboat Conversation

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