(04) Dusty Hulet: Life through a Lens

Dusty is an Entrepreneur, filmmaker, and epic party planner. Most people run from bears but not dusty. Instead, he goes inside their caves for a close-up. Check out his video below to see the cutest bear cubs.

I heard about Dusty’s hit parties before I actually met him. From a 15 piece orchestra in his living room, comedy show,  and cheesecake testing. Dusty shows he’s not just creative in the film but also entertaining.

Dusty has some rad videos so make sure to check out his

P.S. He also has hands down the most creative  Instagram stories.

And if you haven’t learned enough about Dusty from this Podcast here is a blog post from Beyond Happy.


(03) Meghan Johnson: Focus on what you can do

In her youth, she struggled with childhood obesity.  Meghan was put on a nutrition plan and lost over 80 pounds. As a 12-year-old this weight loss drastically changed her life.

“I was able to run and dance with my friends.”

When Meghan was in her 20’s, she was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. This discovery made her childhood weight loss even more impressive that she could lose weight even with Thyroid problems.

“I realized I could do hard things”

After she had received treatment for cancer, she moved two hours away from home. Judt after moving she  met a great man (despite the fact that he wasn’t an Aggie fan) and the got married. When Meghan got pregnant, she found herself struggling with the weight gain as the numbers got bigger on the scale.

When I interviewed Megahan, we had only met once months ago at a meeting. Now she is my new Friday running buddy, and I’m so grateful for the opportunity to get to know her better and call her a friend.

P.S Megan makes the cutest bows. Follow her Instagram to get the scoop on all her deals and check out her  Etsy Shop and Handmade Huts

Push play below to listen to Meghan’s full story.

(02) Tim Hurst: Running 58 Marathons on 1 Leg

No Excuses!

26.2 miles might represent miles driven for a work day commute or weekend getaway. To those in the running community, those three numbers represent the achievement of running a full marathon.  My guest on the show today has done 58 marathons. That’s over 1,520 miles just in just marathons. That doesn’t count all the days training and preparing. Of those 58 marathons, fifty of them were in a different state including Alaska and Hawaii. This is an incredible accomplishment but what makes Tim Hurst even more inspirational is that he only has one leg. You heard me right  ONE LEG!!!!  Earlier this year he finished his goal of 50 Marathons in 50 States at the Disney World Marathon.  Pictured below is Tim and his biggest cheerleader his wife, Lynette.

I had the privilege of talking with Tim for about two hours the day that he came and interviewed. He is so down to earth and has such a fun personality. Just being around him made me believe that my impossible could really happen.

To read more about Tim’s experience check out his blog and his Instagram

In the interview, Tim talked about two organizations that helped sponsor some of his runs. Click below to learn more about these great foundations that help athletes with disabilities.

The Challenged Athlete Foundation

Achilles International


(01) Steph Shoell & Miranda Call: Welcome to Notable Peeps!

Why Hello!
Thanks so much for coming and listening to Pod Talk. Figuring out what I should discuss in the first episode was tricky. It can be comparable to writing a dating profile in that you don’t want to sound too braggy, but you want to make a good impression.  I spent hours working on my first episode, and then I played it for my friend Miranda(Rocking the hat in the pic below ), and she made the comment that I just didn’t sound like myself.  So I gave her a mic and told her she was going to record the first episode with me. I am not a professional podcaster, and you will hear me stumble over my words.  But this podcast isn’t about perfection but about putting on your shoes, doing your best, and believing in the impossible.

I met Miranda in Alaska last summer during my 30 Life Crisis. She is such a dear friend and has been a huge contributor to this podcast.  From editing audio to being a sounding board, to helping record two episodes,  I couldn’t have done this without Miranda and her cheerleading. Check out Episode 7 as I talk with her about my experience with Mr. Sweetalker and things I wish I would have known before leasing a car.


To learn more about my story check out the  About Me section on my blog