(25) Hannah Darvas: Eating Disorder Recovery

Hannah Darvis is an advocate for Mental Health Awareness and is in recovery for an eating disorder. She has personally experienced Bulimia for the past 9 years. For about five years nobody knew her struggle until one day she realized she needed to come clean or else the eating disorder would kill her.

Even if it takes you years you will get there. Keep believing in you. There is light at the end of the tunnel.

                                                                      -Hannah Darvis

  • “Wow. I can’t even believe that this is me. I’m shocked. It’s time we speak up about mental illness; for good.9th July 2015, not even that long ago. Totally consumed by a world that I thought was saving me.  In a bid to rid my life of bulimia, I’d fallen into a trap that was equally as dangerous; orthorexia. Clean eating was killing me. 

  • Crippled by body dysmorphia and the full belief that I was ‘fat’, my obsession with avoiding certain foods had lead me to spiral even closer to ill health and malnourishment. The misinformation on the Internet only condoning my lifestyle. I remember at the time of this picture believing that my body was too big, that I wasn’t worthy of happiness, that food was my enemy and the only way that I could continue with life was by avoiding all that I loved, suffocating myself with ‘safety’ and running a mile from all social situations thanks to a little friend of mine called anxiety.

  • I guess what I’m saying is that your mind is a powerful place. Listening to your demons can compromise not only your own life, but the lives of those around you too. Choosing your role models is important. Just because someone has 10,000 followers does not make them a worthy role model. Just because they are talented in a certain field does not mean that they know all of the answers. Just because they are smiling does not mean they’re happy.

  • I’m sorry that I was once the girl portraying a message that was false. I’m sorry that I smiled through the pain when instead I should have been sharing it. I could say I’m sorry that I let myself reach the point where my bones pierced through my skin and my face looked so gaunt, but in fact, I’m not. I’ve learnt the hard way how to pull myself out of a situation where my brain had the capacity to dictate and rule my life. Today I am strong, I have my body, my life and my energy back, and despite the occasional down day, I’m so proud to be me.”






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(25) Alan & Milicent Matheson: 57 years of Marriage

Alan & Milicent Matheson have been married for almost six decades. Introduced to each other by Alan’s mother during their time as students at the University of Utah. Career opportunities later took them both to New York City and their courtship continued with fun dates exploring the city.  During this time Alan was an Associate in Law at Columbia Law School and Milicent taught first grade at a school just outside of the city. The Matheson’s have found remarkable success in their academic achievements but Milicent shared many times how their family is their greatest treasure. Push play to hear more about their adventures with each new opportunity, and how they have kept their love alive for 57 years. 

I nominated Alan & Milicent as Notable Peeps because they are generous with their time and resources. They have raised threee kind and remarkable sons. They both were teachers and recieved awards and high praises for the work they have done. 

– Laura Matheson

“Our Family is really is the most important thing".

-Milicent Matheson

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(24) Rachel Hendrickson: Making “Option B'” Look Great!

Rachel and I this summer were on a paddleboat and I asked the question to the group about their greatest accompishment. Rachel replied that her masters was her greatest accomplishement and then later she made the following statement. 

My proudest accomplishment is that I’m almost forty and I’m not bitter that I’m not married. 

Her comment really impressed me and I wanted to learn more about her positivity. A little background story when Rachel was in College at Brigham Young University she made a life plan. She wanted to graduate from BYU in April of 2000 and then get married in August of 2000. She planed to have a baby 18 months after her marriage and then to have a total of six kids. Plan A didn’t go according to plan but Rachel talks about how we need to embarace and make Option B look good. In this episode Rachel talks about being present and in the moment. You never know where life wll take you in six months and how she has created a life that she loves. 

If I'm marred or not married this is...the option of the moment so how can I make it stellar!

Rachel Hendrickson

Recording Episode #24 of the Notable Peeps
The Paddleboat Conversation

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(23) Dr. Rachel Smith: Dust Yourself Off And Try Again

Across the nation about 30 percent of Dentists are Women. In Utah, it is much lower and only 3 percent of  Dentists.are Women. In this interview, Dr. Rachel Smith talks about her journey of becoming a dentist, how she handles life’s disappointments, and her advice for reaching impossible goals. Thank you to Alison Spencer for Nominating Rachel as a Notable Peep. Below is what Alison had to say about her dear friend Rachel.

“I nominated Rachel for this podcast because she not only achieves impossible goals, but she keeps on dreaming. Each time she checks a goal off her list, she adds another one. She reminds me that no goal is impossible, and it’s never too late to add a new goal to your list.”

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(22) Clint Pulver: A Single Moment

The definition of an anomaly is something that deviates from what is standard, normal or expected. Clint Pulver has fully embraced a life of being an anomaly. He is an example fo not just dreaming about goals but putting them into action. His determination to not just exist but to live is shown in his creating the Greenman Group at Utah Valley University, quitting his job to pursue his passion for speaking or accomplish a bucket list goal of being in a movie. In this episode, Clint talks about the impact teachers can have on their students. What he noticed first about his wife Kelly, and how one moment can change our lives.


KSL – America’s Got Talent

Clint was a part of the Bald Man Bongos that performed on NBC’s America’s Got Talent.  Full Video Here.

Life In 22 Minutes Podcast

All about living a life by design and the importance to dream while you are awake. Full Episode Here.

Live On Purpose Radio

Dr. Paul talks with Clint about the diverse characteristics that make each one of us unique. Full Episode Here.

Latter-Day Lives Podcast

Clint talks about the Power of Bucket Lists and being a Member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Saints. Full Episode Here.

Focus On The Good Podcast

Clint shares a little more about his experience becoming the anomaly.  Full Episode Here.

Clint’s Films

Saturday’s Warrior 

The Christmas Project 

Unexpected Race 


More Infomation  at


(21) Jon Klemin: To Swipe or not to Swipe

The great question that confronts most singles nationwide is to Swipe, or not to Swipe. Dating has changed dramatically in the past five years and now instead of getting dressed up to find a date at a social event, all you have to is pull out your phone and swipe left or right. If you are a single pringle in the LDS community than this episode is for you. When Jon was introduced to dating apps almost a half decade ago he instantly had the idea to make an app for the LDS population of singles. At first, this started out as a fun daydream, but after four years he now has his own dating app called Saint Swipe. In this episode, Jon explains more about the unique features that Saint Swipe has to offer. It’s the first dating app that I’ve seen that you can record a 10-second intro video and leave voice messages. I think the voice message feature is awesome because sometimes texting gets lost in translation and you aren’t able to tell if a person is joking. With a Voice Message, you can get to know someone’s sense of humor a little better.

The word “date” can sometimes be a four-letter word for singles. Maybe it’s representing the lack of dates, the really bad dates, the pressure to get a date for a function, or maybe you just want everyone around you to stop asking about your dates. Regardless dating can be a touchy subject. In this episode, Jon and I talk a lot about this four letter word. Everything from how to get more dates to should you send an after date text. To be honest I feel super vulnerable posting this episode because of all the dating talk. I’m first to admit that I definitely don’t have dating figured out. I seem to always stay in the Land of Limbo and never reach Commitment City. Ok, that was a cheesy analogy but you get the point. The one thing I do know is that dating apps increase opportunities to do just that date. If you’re single make sure to check out Saint Swipe its free and available for Apple and Android. You never know you might just be posting a picture in a few months with the hashtag #wemetonsaintswipe.


(20) Katie Gleed: Crushing On History

Katie Gleed teaches her 7th and 8th graders about her crush on Layfette (Marquis de) and how cool Freddie D (Fredrick Douglas) is as they read his narrative. With history, she is able to teach her students about self-esteem, leadership, and how they can own their mistakes. Katie’s passion for education is what motivated her to be a part of the building blocks in Africa Charity. As this episode airs she is currently in Ghana taking supplies to help build a school.   If you love history and education then listen up because you will love the stories Katie has to share about her students.


Links from Episode

Marquis de Lafayette (Katie’s Crush)

Fredrick Douglas


Building Blocks in Africa

The Tao of Pooh


(19) Tori Miller Duckworth: Trusting God and Pressing Forward

The summer of 2009 I had the opportunity to spend every hour of every day with Tori Miller (Duckworth). We both were serving as Missionaries for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in a small city called Kirtland located outside of Cleveland Ohio.  Spending that much time with a person you really get to see their character, which is why I can honestly say she is one of the most genuine gals I know. I wanted to interview Tori to get a greater perspective on miscarriage and the struggles and emotions that surround it. The interview took a different turn at first as we talked about the health problems she developed on the mission and the difficulty she had coming home early because of her health.  She discusses the judgment she felt but also the best way to help someone that comes home early from a LDS Mission. As we transition to talking about her miscarriage I had no clue all that she had gone through over the past couple of years. I am so grateful that Tori was willing to share her story and I hope that this interview can help those struggling with the issues that she discussed.

Summer of 2009 serving as Missionaries for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints

(18) Hope Herriot : Life after loosing 160 lbs

Have you ever felt proud of yourself for eating a whole pizza? And at the same time been disgusted with yourself because you just ate a WHOLE  pizza?

When Hope Harriot started her weight loss journey she felt like she was losing her best friend, food. Even though she was loosing a friend she knew she had to make changes to save her life. To change her mindset she created a bucket list of things at her current weight she wasn’t able to do. On the list was to go on a roller coaster, cross the monkey bars, and even cross her legs. Hope is now 160lbs lighter and has been able to check off most of the things on her bucket list.  It doesn’t  matter if you want to lose 20lbs or 200lbs finding the self-control, desire, and even patience can seem impossible.  If you have the desire to change your life and become healthier then this episode is for you. 


Below are pictures of Hope on the Roller Coaster and crossing the Monkey Bars. Make sure to push play and listen to Hope to talk more about why riding a roller coaster was such a big accomplishment.

In the Podcast Hope talks about how she wrote a speech about Anti-Bullying in High School.

Sorry its poor quality!!! Im soo excited:)

Posted by Hope Cottrell on Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Follow Hope’s journey on Facebook  Hope Grant- Harriot and Instagram @hope_is_healthy

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(17) Chris & Son Nguyen: Quest for Freedom

Have you ever wondered what happened in Vietnam after the Communist Government took over? For Son Nguyen, his families life changed drastically. Because of his father’s service fighting with the United States against the Communist, his family was punished. They were made to relocate from the city to economic zones in the jungle. His family didn’t know how to farm, but they soon learned how to live off the land. Son and his wife Chris wrote a book about his experience. In the quote below he talks about when he first started to think about life in America.

“When I was about nine years old I began to think about living life on my own, independent of my family. I heard so many exciting things about America. It is the dream, even to this day, that everyone in Vietnam holds in their hearts…It was difficult for a small child to understand what moving to another country meant, but I knew there had to be something better than what I was living. “

A few years later son attempted his first escape. He was captured and spent his summer vacation in prison at 11 years old. Talk about impossible. It took Son four times to escape from Vietnam.  Even though  Son has lived in the United States for Several decades, he speaks about in his book about not feeling like he belongs.

“Part of my family is in Vietnam, so part of me is still in Vietnam. I would love to share my life of freedom with them. I think about them constantly. I wish they could live a life of liberty and dignity, as I enjoy.  I would introduce them to the majestic mountain ranges, the beauty of our snow in winter, the greenness of a golf course, the pristine powder of a ski run, the endless perfect roads we enjoy driving across our country, the quietness of our neighborhood. I am torn between two worlds, which is confusing. I do not totally belong here and I certainly do not belong there. “

If you want to hear more about Son’s story you can buy the book Quest for Freedom at Amazon, Lulu or  To check out what other people are saying about the book head on over to  To contact the Nguyen’s check got to their Facebook page. Son and Chris have donated two books to be given away,  Find out how you can win by heading over to @consistentrunnergirl on Instagram. You can find more information about this episode at Notable

(16) Liesl Limburg : How to get your Bachelors in 3,165 days

If you’re in school right now wondering how you are going to pay tuition, pull the grades, and find the perfect internship, then this episode is for you. It took Liesl Limburg 8 years to get her bachelors. At first, she tried to work full time and take a full course load to speed up her graduation date. She soon realized that there is nothing wrong with a slower pace. The New York Times talked about the “4-year myth” and a new report that just came out examining how long it actually takes most students to graduate.

“At most public universities, only 19 percent of full-time students earn a bachelor’s degree in four years, the report found.”

One of the coolest things about Liesl’s story is that she just tried. Even if an internship required a much higher GPA, she would still apply. Even if she didn’t ‘t think she would get a grant she would still submit the application. Because of her willingness to try, she was able to have some amazing experiences from working on Capitol Hill in Washington D.C. to experiencing a study abroad in France. Make sure to push play to hear the full episode. Congrats Liesl on the recent graduation and best of luck to you girl in Grad School!

Follow Liesl’s journey on Instagram  @urbanindie90

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(15) Nate and Natalie Sato: No longer “Just Friends”

Nate and Natalie Sato first met ten years ago at Lake Powell. They instantly friend zoned each other because he was too short and she was too high maintenance.  The Sato’s are both so genuine and they have such fun personalities. I seriously laughed so hard during this interview. One of the reasons I love their story is because it reminds me to not focus on the things that don’t really matter. Natalie talks about in the interview that Nate had 90% of what she wanted in a spouse. Because Nate is shorter than her she focused on the 10% and for years this kept her from progressing the relationship.  To all my single friends I hope this episode is as great of a reminder of what is really important when looking for a spouse It sure was a good wake up call for me.

10 Years Ago…

courtesy of Natalie Sato

courtesy of Natalie Sato


courtesy of Natalie Sato

courtesy of Natalie Sato

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(14) Dele Opeifa : Beatboxing & BHAG-Big Hairy Audacious Goal

Dele makes up the percussions with his beatboxing skills for the Acapella group ReVoiced. The group consists of five guys who left their day jobs to pursue their passion in music.  Check out this video to see ReVoiced on stage. In this interview, Dele talks about the pros and cons of working on the road. How he got into modeling, and how serving a mission for the LDS Church felt impossible. He also gives some great advice to conquer your BHAG( Big Hairy Audacious Goal)


ReVoiced does a lot of work with the Best Buddies group. I really love this video as it’s talking about loving yourself and it’s fun to see members of best buddies in the video.

To learn more about this episode check out

(13) Real Talk: Miranda Interviewing Steph about Mr. Sweettalker

This is an interview that I have been hesitant to post because it’s my story. My dear friend Miranda is interviewing me about my experience of getting financially involved with an ex-boyfriend. This is a period of my life that I don’t talk about very often because I feel so naive and embarrassed. But I realized I can’t expect people to share their stories on this podcast and me not be willing to be vulnerable and share mine. If you are struggling with heartbreak, forgiveness or just getting out of debt then this episode is for you.


Blog Post talking about Mr. Sweettalker

How I got out of Debt

Last year I did an Interview with Mormon Channel about my experience with Mr. Sweettalker. It took me about three months before I got the courage to listen to this interview because I was afraid to listen to myself.

Would you Lease a Microwave Article

Dave Ramsey talking about not leasing a car. 

Suzy Orman talking about why not to lease a car

Notable Peeps Episode of  Kelly Corless talking about paying off Debt. 

(12) Natalie Thorsen: Dress Like An Oxford Student

I heard Natalie Thorson speak a couple years ago at an event, Her story is one that has stuck in my mind all these years. As a kid, she had a learning disability and her parents were told by her school that she would never make it to high school graduation.  Even as a child she just had a desire to one day be smart. Before she attended Junior high she spent her babysitting money to buy a business suit.  She decided that she was going to dress the part of an Oxford student and look smart. Soon she found that students and teachers started to treat her as the smart kid.  Fast forward and now Natalie is a Lawyer and she even did a semester at Oxford. Her story is a prime example of the Self- Fulfilling Prophecy.  If you have ever felt that you weren’t smart enough then this episode is for you.

“I just wanted to be known as a smart person and  someone intelligent. I saw those kids in my class and the respect had even as a little sixth grader. I  remember watching T.V. Shows and looking at Nerds.  Alex P Keaton from family ties. He was styling. And I thought people respect him. So I remember in 8th grade I bought my first business suit with babysitting money…. When I started Dressing as an Uber Nerd I started being treated as if I was inteligent. “


If you want to update your style contact Natalie by email at

If you are an Attorney that has a question about making the next move. Check out her website. 

(11) Greg Bellessa: Mt. Rainier & Pop-Tarts Don’t Mix

Greg’s two best friends Ryan and Josh are always inviting him on crazy adventures. Greg never dreamed of doing a lot of the things that his buddies would do. In fact, their crazy expeditions often felt impossible. About a year ago Ryan and Josh invited Greg to hike Mt. Rainier. Much to their surprise, Greg signed up. He spent a year training and this episode is all about his experience in hiking a glacier.

Top 3 Highlights of the Gregs Trip

1. The Views- Seeing the amazing glacier first hand and being above the clouds.  

2. The relationships with the guides and other people climbing.  The deep conversations at night and how everyone cheered each other on.

3. Doing Something I have never done before.

“Go as far as you can,  and get up there and do it.” -Greg Bellessa

(10) Mina Uscharawadi: Faith and Boxing

The thing that impresses me most about Mina is her honesty as she shares her journey of how she found faith in the LDS religion and faith in the boxing ring. A unique part of her story is that she spent a year in Thailand boxing.  She was one of my first interviews and so the sound quality isn’t the best in this episode and I get super excited and talk really loud into the microphone. Despite the audio flaws, this episode is for anyone who is struggling with faith and finding their identity.

The first thing you see when you go to is this quote by Mina and her purpose in starting the blog.

To someone else this is the millionth blog, but for me My Naked Heart is learning, exercising faith, accepting weakness, facing fears and exposing shame.  I’m tired of running. I’m tired of being afraid of myself, so I’m going to embrace the one thing that I’m not: “perfect.” The challenge is to still believe I’m “something beautiful” along the way and this website personifies that. I’m a 26 year old woman experiencing growing pains and my life has been no exception to heartbreak, identity crisis, insecurities, fears, WTF moments and countless opportunities to laugh at myself. I feel free, excited, terrified and a little bit of crazy! This is My Naked Heart.

Mina went to Thailand and Boxed for a year. Below is a quote from her blog post about her first fight. For the full story click here.

“As I stepped into the ring, the only thought that crossed my mind was “I can’t believe i’m really doing this… I was facing an opponent who was perfectly capable of hurting me and in the end the only one who would walk away from this fight a loser would be me for my pride if I didn’t give back 100%. “


(09) Kelly Corless: Paying off a 30,000 Dollars Debt

It was during Kelly’s first semester of the  Masters Program at Indiana University when she found out she had cancer. This is when her debt started to accumulate.  After her cancer was cured she was able to go back to school but her health still wasn’t back to normal so she wasn’t able to work while attending University. This only added to her debt. Make sure to push play and hear how Kelly went from having a 30-Life-Crisis to paying off 30 grand.

Kelly’s Advice To Paying Off Debt

  1. Stop worrying about it. She wishes she could go back and tell herself that stressing won’t help. You aren’t going to have this debt forever. It will eventually go away if you continue to make sacrifices.
  2. Put every little extra into savings(Tax Return, Birthday Money, ). It may not be fun or even seem like it is making a dent in your debt but over time every few dollars will add up.
  3. Find Cheerleaders. Kelly would text her brother and friends snapshots when she made a new payment towards her debt. Their excitement and encouragement helped her move forward.
  4. Stop digging your hole deeper. Live within your means. It is easy to go on trips or buy new clothes but it just makes your further in debt.
  5. If you want to pay off the debt you need to make sacrifices. One of Kelly’s sacrifice was to move home with her parents. Even though living with her parents has been a great experience her social life has made a sacrifice. But by making that sacrifice she was able to save and pay off her debt faster.


I love Kelly’s story because it shows that with patience and hard work you can accomplish your impossible goal. Kelly is one of a kind and I just love her spunky personality.



(08) Jason Lyle Black: Planning Backwards

Jason Lyle Black has played on Ellen, his music has been published by Disney and to top it off he plays the piano backward. His success took many years of hard work. In this episode, Jason talks about how having mentors and planning backward helped his career and to achieve his impossible goals.


If you are in the Salt Lake area make sure to check out Jason’s play live at the Sandy Amphitheater on JULY 8, 2017.  Lawn seats start at only $10.00 click here to buy tickets.


If you love piano music and want music that will help you unwind then make sure to play Jason’s Pandora Station. You can also buy his music on iTunes.

One of my favorite things about Jason’s stories is that it took time. It was years and years of hard work. This article that he wrote on Linkedin talks about his journey in the music industry.



Jason’s first viral video on Youtube was Frozen Fever. He teamed up with the Piano Gal for this fun skit.

Real Life Up

Jason’s Grandparents are seriously adorable. This was filmed around their 63rd  wedding Anniversary. The coolest thing about this video is that his grandparents actually play the piano in real life. 

Other Links

12 Days of Christmas Video

Sheet Music


(07) Jill Young: Pumped About Produce

My Friend Jill

I love stories especially friendship stories. Here is how I met Jill. In High School she sat by me in Mr. Bairds math class. I was in a phase of life that I didn’t have very many friends. My group from Junior High all went different directions and I found myself praying for friends .Jill was an answer to my prayers. Jill is one of my biggest cheerleaders and I am so grateful that almost sixteen years later we are still the best of friends.

Getting Pumped about Produce

Jill’s impossible is a little different then the rest of the people I have interviewed. She has a desire to help people get pumped about produce and uncomplicated heath. In Jill’s own words she shares why she is so passionate about health.

I recognized that, for a time, I became disconnected from the needs of my body. I found that I was relying only on health trends/fads based on the latest, ever-changing science. I was hyper-focused on numbers, ratios, and measurements trying to find health in ways that will not and can not be maintained in the long run. All of that changed when I remembered the joy and creative process that it is to take care of the needs of my body.

As people in my life tease me for eating my big green salads or green smoothies (I don’t mind being teased), I hope they know the reason is not an obsession with shrinking my waistline; though it is a welcomed side effect. The reason is for a healthy relationship with my body. It makes all the difference when I shift the focus!

Check out Jill’s Instagram for snapshots of produce at the.fresh.feed 

Acai Bowls. If you haven't discovered them yet, you are missing out! Acai packets are in the frozen section of the grocery store. There are recipes on the back of the packaging for ideas. I will admit that Pitaya Bowls are my favorite and I added one to this particular acai bowl. This recipe: 3 frozen bananas, 2 acai packets, 1 pitaya/dragon fruit packet, 1/2 cup coconut milk. Topped with granola, kiwi, blackberries and some pretty blooms from the yard. Enjoy! If you have any Acai recipe ideas, let me know! . . . . #acai #acaibowl #acaibowls #pitaya #dragonfruit #smoothiebowl #kiwi #granola #coconut #blackberries #healthyeating #healthyfood #fruitarian #fruitsmoothie #plantpower #plantbased #plantbaseddiet #plantbasedfood #healthiswellth #healthinsurance #healthinspiration #jillandjaym

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Protein Fad

The Washington Post dives into talking about the Protein fad. One thing I found fascinating is that if you eat more Protein than you need it gets stored as fat. So how much Protein do you need? Check out this article for the answer.

Jill’s Tinder Picture

NBC talked about how manufacturers are trying to get more protein on their labels. This  Story about if Protein is sensible or a fad.

Blue Zones

You know something’s legit when National Geographic does a story on it.

NPR did a great article about each blue zone and the foods that are most prevalent in their diets.

Click the video below to hear from the man who discovered blue zones Dan Buettner.

Links talked about in this episode:

Physicians Committee For Responsible Medicine

Forks Over Knives

Danish Twin Study