(14) Dele Opeifa : Beatboxing & BHAG-Big Hairy Audacious Goal

Dele makes up the percussions with his beatboxing skills for the Acapella group ReVoiced. The group consists of five guys who left their day jobs to pursue their passion in music.  Check out this video to see ReVoiced on stage. In this interview, Dele talks about the pros and cons of working on the road. How he got into modeling, and how serving a mission for the LDS Church felt impossible. He also gives some great advice to conquer your BHAG( Big Hairy Audacious Goal)



ReVoiced does a lot of work with the Best Buddies group. I really love this video as it’s talking about loving yourself and it’s fun to see members of best buddies in the video.

To learn more about this episode check out notablepeeps.com

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