(13) Real Talk: Miranda Interviewing Steph about Mr. Sweettalker

This is an interview that I have been hesitant to post because it’s my story. My dear friend Miranda is interviewing me about my experience of getting financially involved with an ex-boyfriend. This is a period of my life that I don’t talk about very often because I feel so naive and embarrassed. But I realized I can’t expect people to share their stories on this podcast and me not be willing to be vulnerable and share mine. If you are struggling with heartbreak, forgiveness or just getting out of debt then this episode is for you.


Blog Post talking about Mr. Sweettalker

How I got out of Debt

Last year I did an Interview with Mormon Channel about my experience with Mr. Sweettalker. It took me about three months before I got the courage to listen to this interview because I was afraid to listen to myself.

Would you Lease a Microwave Article

Dave Ramsey talking about not leasing a car. 

Suzy Orman talking about why not to lease a car

Notable Peeps Episode of  Kelly Corless talking about paying off Debt. 

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