(12) Natalie Thorsen: Dress Like An Oxford Student

I heard Natalie Thorson speak a couple years ago at an event, Her story is one that has stuck in my mind all these years. As a kid, she had a learning disability and her parents were told by her school that she would never make it to high school graduation.  Even as a child she just had a desire to one day be smart. Before she attended Junior high she spent her babysitting money to buy a business suit.  She decided that she was going to dress the part of an Oxford student and look smart. Soon she found that students and teachers started to treat her as the smart kid.  Fast forward and now Natalie is a Lawyer and she even did a semester at Oxford. Her story is a prime example of the Self- Fulfilling Prophecy.  If you have ever felt that you weren’t smart enough then this episode is for you.

“I just wanted to be known as a smart person and  someone intelligent. I saw those kids in my class and the respect had even as a little sixth grader. I  remember watching T.V. Shows and looking at Nerds.  Alex P Keaton from family ties. He was styling. And I thought people respect him. So I remember in 8th grade I bought my first business suit with babysitting money…. When I started Dressing as an Uber Nerd I started being treated as if I was inteligent. “


If you want to update your style contact Natalie by email at thorsenstyling@gmail.com

If you are an Attorney that has a question about making the next move. Check out her website. 

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