(09) Kelly Corless: Paying off a 30,000 Dollars Debt

It was during Kelly’s first semester of the ¬†Masters Program at Indiana University when she found out she had cancer. This is when her debt started to accumulate. ¬†After her cancer was cured she was able to go back to school but her health still wasn’t back to normal so she wasn’t able to work while attending University. This only added to her debt. Make sure to push play and hear how Kelly went from having a 30-Life-Crisis to paying off 30 grand.

Kelly’s Advice To Paying Off Debt

  1. Stop worrying about it. She wishes she could go back and tell herself that stressing won’t help. You aren’t going to have this debt forever. It will eventually go away if you continue to make sacrifices.
  2. Put every little extra into savings(Tax Return, Birthday Money, ). It may not be fun or even seem like it is making a dent in your debt but over time every few dollars will add up.
  3. Find Cheerleaders. Kelly would text her brother and friends snapshots when she made a new payment towards her debt. Their excitement and encouragement helped her move forward.
  4. Stop digging your hole deeper. Live within your means. It is easy to go on trips or buy new clothes but it just makes your further in debt.
  5. If you want to pay off the debt you need to make sacrifices. One of Kelly’s sacrifice was to move home with her parents. Even though living with her parents has been a great experience her social life has made a sacrifice. But by making that sacrifice she was able to save and pay off her debt faster.


I love Kelly’s story because it shows that with patience and hard work you can accomplish your impossible goal. Kelly is one of a kind and I just love her spunky personality.



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